Coach's Checklist


Please make sure to pay your invoice by your payment due date. Your due date is listed in your registration email and on your invoice in your AC account. 

You can send a check to the below address or pay by CC through your invoice. If your division fills, payment is required to keep your spot. If payment is not received by the due date, your team will be moved to the waitlist. To be placed back into the tournament payment must be received in full (if spots are still remaining). 

Checks can be sent and made payable to:

AC Sports

P.O. Box 87

Trafford, PA 15085

Please include copy of this order with your payment and put your order number in the memo of the check.

**IF a Gate fee is attached to your tournament registration please make sure to pay it by April 1st. You have the option to pay the gate fee as part of the registration or collect the fee from the parents and pay it separately. 

Hotel Accommodations

If your team is traveling more than 75 miles to the tournament, we do require that you stay in one of our contracted hotels. T1 Housing is our housing partner who will help you with all of your housing needs. PLEASE NOTE, that ALL of our events are Play & Stay. HOWEVER, do not let that term scare you! All of our hotel partners are contractually obligated to offer us the lowest guaranteed group rates for your stay.

 Hotel information can be found under the Hotels tab on your tournament webpage.

** Please be sure to create your room block ASAP! Many of our events sell out. Waiting to secure a block of rooms will  only make your team stay further away from the fields and will not guarantee they are able to stay in the same hotel.

If you have any further questions please contact [email protected]


You are able to begin your hat process once your registration is paid in full. Hats should take 10-12 weeks from the date of design approval. However, due to previous shortages and shutdowns, delays may happen. 

Make sure to pay your registration and begin your hat design ASAP for the best chance to receive your hats before the 2024 baseball season.

** Hat designs must be started by February 28th

Tournament Roster

All teams must submit an official tournament roster prior to the first game of the tournament. Coaches can access the Roster/Waiver links to send to the parents in your team account.  If you have not already started entering your roster please log in and do so at your earliest convenience. You can manage your roster by logging in at

The sooner you begin entering your roster, the sooner we can get information directly to your parents and help eliminate the questions being directed to you. You are able to begin entering players onto your team now and finalize your roster at a later date.


Team Classification

All coaches must classify their team within their team account as D1, D2, or D3.

D1 teams would be classified as Major/All-Levels of AAA, Gold, or Elite/Advanced and should be playing the majority of their games against other regionally strong and/or nationally ranked opponents.

D2 teams would be classified as Medium AA/High AA, Silver, or High-Level Intermediate and should be playing the majority of their games against other mid-level local and regionally based opponents of a similar classification.

D3 teams would be classified as Low AA/All-Levels of A, Bronze, or Low-Level Intermediate/Beginner and should be playing the majority of their games against other local and lower-level regionally based opponents of a similar classification.

Certificate of Insurance

All coaches must submit their team’s Certificate of Insurance by uploading a copy of it into their team account. You can manage your team documents by logging in at Please make sure to have the below listed as additionally insured on your COI before submitting.

Atlantic Coast Baseball, LLC dba AC Sports

P.O. Box 87

Trafford, PA 15085


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