Coaches Checklist

  • Cap Classic® Tournament Series

    -Forward the Online Waiver Form to your parents to complete (This will be emailed to the Team Contacts)
    (This is replacing the paper waiver form requiring parent signatures used in previous years. Schedules will not be released until all teams have fulfilled this requirement!)
    -Please email a copy of your Insurance Certificate listing the below as "Additional Insured" (info will appear in the Certificate Holder box and there is not a fee for this)

    Atlantic Coast Baseball
    PO Box 87
    Trafford, PA 15085

    -Have copies of your Roster and Birth Certificates on you at all times
    -We use many college fields so have a roster with contact information available. Include things like grad year, high school, SAT scores, ACT scores, etc.
    -Print a copy of the RULES and keep in your Scorebook along with the Field Addresses
    -The system we use to communicate with you leading up to, and during the Tournament, will send simultaneously send you an e-mail and automated phone call. We can accept 2 Cell Phone Numbers and 2 E-Mail addresses per team. Please e-mail them to so you do not miss any updates!!
    -Forward your Parents the T-Shirt Page. We do not sell T-Shirts on site (CLICK HERE)
    -Please inform your parents they can stay up to date with Weather/Tournament updates by following us on Social Media:

    -Contact T1 Housing to assist you with your Hotel Arrangements, Things to Do, etc. (EMAIL)